Do I qualify?

Individuals requesting food MUST:

  • Live in the following zip codes: 99203, 99223 or 99224 (South of I-90 to 195, East of Cheney-Spokane Rd and East of Sherman). If you do not live in our zip code area we can provide you with a one-time only food box and give you the address of the food bank in your area for your next visit.  If you cannot go to the food bank in your zip code because of employment hours or you are a full time student, then you must show proof to be considered a “Saturday only” client.  The food bank in your area must not be open on a Saturday to qualify.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have current proof of address (such as a phone bill, utility bill, or medical coupons) with a statement date within a month of your visit.
  • Have proof of identity for each family member (We can accept Medicaid Enrollment ID, birth certificate, State ID, or passport).
  • After July 1st 2014, you must provide acceptable identification for all members of your household receiving aid.
DO NOT BRING A SOCIAL SECURITY CARD.  We will not accept that as a form of ID.

How it Works

Obtaining a number – Numbers for two separate distributions are handed out before we open at 10:30am, we operate in a first come, first served fashion.  So, there is usually a line that forms in the morning.  You cannot receive another ticket for a friend who is "On the way" or "Will arrive later".  Either you are here to get your own ticket, or you are not.  If someone abuses the rules, they may be processed at the end, regardless of the number they possess.

For the Emergency Food Box line, the number you received will be called three times:

1st time – Sign In. We sign people in at the check in desk in numerical order. There is even number sign in list and an odd number sign in list. We will call out your number to come and sign in at the desk in numerical order. Sometimes one line may go quicker than another line, but do not to worry because we put everything back in numerical order. Tell us you are new when you sign in.

2nd time – Greeting. A greeter will call out your number and bring you back in numerical order. Your attendance and sign in information will be entered into the Second Harvest Food Bank network computer. They will also ask you some questions about your food request.

3rd time – Your food is packed and ready. After your food box is packed, it is brought outside to you. We will call out your number outside. (If we call the number several times, we may come inside to look for you if you are waiting inside.) This is when you must turn in your number to the volunteer in order to receive your food.

For the Supplemental Food line, the number you received will be the order in which you are to receive the supplemental foods:

Sign In. We sign people in at the front of the supplemental line in numerical order.  Sometimes the line may go quickly.  If you arrive before Noon and the line has been taken down, please ask for a supplemental distribution.

Please note: All eligible clients who receive food can receive food from only one food pantry within Spokane County.  Clients who are found to be in violation of this rule will be instructed by Second Harvest to go to one pantry only. If a second violation occurs or if you try to fraudulently receive food when you know you are not entitled to it, the recipient will not be allowed to receive food from any pantry within Spokane Country for a period of six months.